Author Interview with Christian A. Brown


  1. What are your inspirations? Where do you find your motivation?

I think my number one inspiration, and what really pushed me on the path to being a writer, was my mother and her battle with cancer. She fought very bravely, and we had a beautiful journey together. We were best friends before she passed, and I think she went into the Great Mystery with very few regrets. Aside from that, I’m a product of diversity: bi-racial, gay—even married to a Métis amputee. Because of my history, I gravitate toward explorations on human behavior and social constructs such as racism, sexism and classism. They’re all similar shades of hate, and I think that we—as a conscious society—should support the breaking down of these negative social constructs. I am a proud feminist, and an advocate for employment equality. I believe that everyone should have the right to choose—and to be respected for their choice—of occupation, sexuality, religion (yes, you can be liberal, even gay, and not anti-religion) and so on.

We need greater acceptance of others’ beliefs and opinions, not less. A common theme to my work is this push for unity and understanding. I think that’s why I find epic settings so fitting for my stories. During an apocalypse-level event, all the posturing and hating that we do around each other has the potential to fall away and reveal moments of beautiful humanity—or we devolve into something primal and horrid. Either scenario is intriguing as a writer J I believe that writers are great influencers, and I take that responsibility very seriously. As corny as it sounds, I want to make the world a better place through the lessons that I hope my characters, and their world, impart upon readers.

  1. Are there any characters that you can relate to? Or are there any qualities in your characters that reflect your qualities?

Definitely. I think my mother’s experience as an independent working mom can be seen in Mifanwae or many of the female characters in Feast of Fates who have families. There are certainly indigenous influences with characters like Kanatuk and Macha—who have both been displaced from their homes and cultures. Of course Morigan and Mouse represent everything strong, determined and brave that I’ve known from the female role models in my life. My characters don’t represent or reflect me so much as the people whom I admire (or dislike).

  1. Did you have the entire plot laid out before you began writing? Or did it come to you as you wrote?

I have a beginning, middle and end for each novel plotted out, as well as an outline for the “arc” in its entirely. Usually I scribble (type) some chapter notes as I go. Nothing so structured as a “scene checklist”, though. I find that my characters always surprise me when I give them a short leash.

  1. What concepts did you find most difficult to portray to the readers?

I think balancing beauty with the ugliness and violence of the world. I think it’s important to show evil, but not to dwell too long in it. I don’t shy away from making you loathe or love certain scenes/ people/ places.

  1. What have been your greatest triumphs since releasing Feast of Fates?

I am humbled and amazed at the response. The editorial critics were very kind and favorable in their reviews. Thousands of people have read the first novel, and I get letters (emails) and comments from fans that really warm my heart.

  1. Do you have any plans for after the completion of the Four Feasts Till Darkness Series?

Of course! I have a million stories in mind before picking up the 2nd arc of Geadhain’s saga (different era than the first four books). Unfortunately, I haven’t yet decided which of the two ideas I’ll be selecting for a manuscript. The curse of the writer is often too many ideas and not enough time to turn them all into books.

  1. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

How much work is involved was certainly a surprise. It took me three years, four editors, many other professionals, and countless hours of hair-pulling (thankfully, I shave my head) to get Feast of Fates to market. It was worth the effort, though, and for those of you just wrapping up that first book or manuscript, you have my sympathy. At least the process gets better and easier with each iteration.

Thanks for having me today, and all the best to you and your readers. For more on Morigan, the Wolf or the world of Geadhain, head on over to:                                              

Thinking Man

About This Author: 

“Bestselling author of the critically acclaimed Feast of Fates, Christian A. Brown received a Kirkus star in 2014 for the first novel in his genre-changing Four Feasts of Darkness series. He has appeared on AM640, Daytime Rogers, and Get Bold Today with LeGrande Green. He actively writes a blog about his mother’s journey with cancer and on gender issues in the media. A lover of the weird and wonderful, Brown considers himself an eccentric with a talent for cat whispering.”

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Website | Goodreads | Twitter 

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