Unsung by Shannon Richard


Title: Unsung
Author: Shannon Richard
Series: Country Roads #5
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Forever Yours
Published: November 3rd, 2015
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Summary: (Goodreads)

One Night In Nashville

Harper Laurence has been jilted on her way to the altar. Desperate for some time away from her friends and family, Harper takes off for Nashville—only to meet a hot, scruffy, tattooed stranger. A man she liked a little too much, and who left her the teeniest bit . . . well, pregnant.

Liam James is an up-and-coming country musician, who just found his muse. Ever since their weekend together, Liam hasn’t been able to forget the curvy, vivacious woman who left him wanting more, even as she inspired some of the greatest songs he’s ever written. He’s determined to convince Harper that he’s the guy for her . . . and that the best love songs can never be unsung.


So I should have had this review up a little while ago because I read this book a couple weeks back, but I blame the delay on none other than the author herself! Shannon Richard, captivated me once again and took me back to the small town of Mirabelle, Florida. While reading Unsung, I was reminded of the cast of characters she has created in this series and I couldn’t resist re-reading the entire series! Which is what caused the delay in my posting!

Anyway, back to Unsung! It starts off 3 months after Harper Laurence was left by her fiancé, on the day they were supposed to say “I do”. Instead of sticking around home she decides to head to Nashville to visit her aunt. Harper meets Liam at a local bar and ends up spending her entire weekend with him. The two have instant chemistry which begins to freak Harper out! After their second night together Harper begins to panic and leaves to return home. I don’t want to give anything away so I’m going to stop there! I do however want to talk about the characters a tad more! I absolutely adored Harper, she is such a strong character. I have to say that if I found myself in her position I wouldn’t have handled it nearly as well! Harper lives in Mirabelle, Florida and is surrounded with people who truly care about her (which is why I had to re-read all of their books too!) I love the relationships between characters that Richard creates. It’s more than friendship bonds, they create their own family. Liam eventually starts to become part of this family, and I couldn’t be happier because he is an absolute sweetheart! Liam is an up and coming country music star. After reading this fact in the summary I was somewhat anticipating a very dramatic book. I find a lot of books that focus on someone who’s famous tend to go that way. But with Shannon Richard I should have known better! (especially after reading Undressed) Unsung was a simple story and I found that extremely refreshing! Was it a tad predictable?. Yes… did I care… NO!

Richard’s has created a world that you can’t help but want to be a part off. You want to live in Mirabelle and drink beers with Shep and try Grace’s cooking! Harper and Liam’s story was the perfect addition to the Country Roads Series and I can’t wait to see what Shannon Richard has in store for us next! (personally I’m hoping the next one is about Adele and Jace!!)

Rating: 4/5

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