Up In Flames by Abbi Glines



Title: Up In Flames
Author: Abbi Glines
Series: Rosemary Beach
# of Pages: 256
Genre: New Adult Romance
Publisher: Atria Books
Release Date:  June 28th, 2016
Pre-order: Amazon | Chapters 



Summary: (Goodreads)

The villain of Rosemary Beach finally gets her own happy ending in the long-awaited final novel of the #1 New York Times bestselling new adult romance series by Abbi Glines.

The blockbuster #1 New York Times bestselling Rosemary Beach series ends with a bang when the troubled character readers love to hate gets her very own happily ever after in this eagerly anticipated and overwhelmingly requested story. Known for causing problems for everyone in Rosemary Beach, Nan has been growing up lately, and she’s finally taking center stage—and finding love with the man she least expected.


I’ve been waiting and waiting for this one and was so excited when I received a copy to review via Netgalley/Publisher (Thank you!). Nan has been the ‘villain’ throughout the entire Rosemary Beach Series, and while I couldn’t stand her, I always wanted to know her story and figure out what goes on in that crazy head of hers. Up In Flames provided that full exposure look into the life and mind of Nan, and let me tell you it is quite the ride! I love that the last Rosemary Beach story ended with the girl not many people thought deserved a happily ever after, but after reading it I think it was exactly what the Rosemary Beach Series needed to end it off!

In my opinion, Nan is the most complex and interesting character in the Rosemary Beach Series. She does a lot of crazy things not only throughout the series but throughout Up In Flames as well, but she has a motive for her crazy antics; Nan wants nothing more than to be accepted and loved for who she is. Throughout Up In Flames, Nan goes through a lot of self growth and I found myself slowly warming up to her. I started to understand her actions and while it doesn’t fully excuse the things she’s done, I couldn’t help but start to love her. That’s right, I said it…I’m a #NANLover!

Abbi Glines once again provided an amazing roller coaster of a story. Complete with twists, turns and loops! Halfway through the story I couldn’t decide who I wanted Nan to be with! I loved catching up with some the Rosemary Beach characters. I have to admit I started to get a little annoyed with Mase, he was never willing to cut Nan any slack! It was like he completely forgot that Nan saved Harlow’s life! I don’t think they need to have a typical brother/sister relationship but I don’t think he needs to trash talk her every chance he gets! I think I just expect more from Mase, I expect him to rise above and be better than that. See what’s happening here…I’m defending Nan! I never thought this day would come! I have to say that while I think Nan’s story was the perfect one to end the series, it did leave me with some questions! However, I don’t want to give anything away so I will just end by saying that I can’t wait to discuss this one with fellow readers!

Rating: 4.5/5



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