Fast Forward Friday: September 27, 2016

Fast-Forward Friday is a weekly event, hosted here at Between The Spine, that recognizes an upcoming date that you would like to Fast-Forward too! What’s so special about these upcoming dates? Anything BOOK related! If a book you are anticipating is being released, tell us why you’re excited! If a release date has been set for a movie based on your favourite book, let us know! If you are attending a book signing or event, keep us posted! The options are endless! If you would like to share your Fast-Forward Friday blog post please post it in the comments below!

So this week’s Fast-Forward Friday is….September 27th, 2016 

Whats happening on September 27th?

The Girl on The Train is coming to theaters! I can’t wait to see this one on the big screen! I absolutely devoured this book! I wasn’t able to put it down and I hope the movie has that same intensity!

To see The Girl on The Train Trailer–> Click Here! 

To see my book review of The Girl on The Train–> Click Here!

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