Uncontrollable by Shannon Richard


Title: Uncontrollable
Author: Shannon Richard
Series: Country Roads (#6)
# of Pages: 400
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Forever Yours
Release Date: November 1, 2016
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Summary: (Goodreads)


It’s been a tough year for Beth Boone. She’s lost the person she cared about the most: her big sister. But Beth isn’t grieving alone. She’s now guardian to her sister’s three children and though she loves them fiercely, so far she’s not exactly winning at parenting. In this noisy, peanut-butter-everywhere chaos, there is no calm. None. So Beth has zero patience with the infuriating guy next door-not to mention his destruct-o “puppy”-wreaking more havoc in her life.

Except that Tripp Black is all muscles, deep brown eyes, and lips that promise way-too-delicious things. Every time Tripp and Beth confront each other, there’s an undercurrent of red-hot sexual tension, one that threatens to break down all her carefully constructed walls. She’s been burned before, and Tripp is a self-proclaimed bachelor for life. There’s no way that Beth’s too-hot-neighbor-from-hell could ever be the man for her-until their uncontrollable attraction becomes so much more . . 


The Country Roads series was one of the first romance series I had read after starting my blog. When I read the first couple books in the series I was shocked at how quickly I became invested in these characters. Each character brings another element into the fold, and I love the way they all work together creating this world I never want to leave. The author has a way with creating characters you truly come to care about.

Now while I loved all the characters Shannon Richard has created in the country roads series, Tripp and Beth might be my favourite yet. The dialogue between the two characters was entertaining and addictive, and the way their relationship unfolded was perfectly paced. I have huge issues when it comes to “insta-love” and although things happened quickly for Tripp and Beth I never felt as though it was rushed. What really made this book for me though was the relationship Tripp formed with the kids, all my favourite highlighted scenes tended to be ones where Tripp and the kids were involved.

We also get to see how things unfold with Nora, she’s always been an intriguing character to me because the author has touched on the relationship with her and Hamilton in past books, and while we get another piece of their story I can’t help but want more! I’m hoping that Shannon Richard decides to give us a novella or something about those two, because the little bit we are given is adorable!! Only time will tell!

Rating: 3.5/5

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