On the Line by Victoria Denault


Title: On The Line
Author: Victoria Denault
Series: Hometown Players #5
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing)
# of Pages: 336
Release Date: December 6, 2016
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Summary: (Goodreads)

He had total control of his game–until she changed all the rules . . .
As one of the best players in the NHL and the “golden boy” of the league, Avery Westwood knows he has to keep his cool–on and off the ice. His whole life is a carefully constructed image of perfection for the media and his brand sponsors. Of course, that means he can never let his true feelings show. But when it comes to the sexy sister of his former teammate, Avery might be willing to make an exception . . . even if it means breaking all his own rules.

As far as Stephanie Deveau is concerned, having a thing for Avery is the equivalent of psychological napalm. Très bad idea. Then he moves in next door, all sexy smiles and a deliciously hot body that she can’t resist. Something’s happening between them–it’s intense, a little (a lot) out of control, and real. Only Avery doesn’t know everything about Stephanie’s past. And the one exception to his rule might just be the one girl who could destroy his career.


The Hometown Players series was one of the first sports romance series I’d ever read and I absolutely fell in love with the characters. Jordan and Jessie, Luc and Rosie, Devin and Callie all provided wonderfully addictive stories. We’ve seen Avery pop up a few times throughout the series and while I can’t deny that there is a certain charm to him, I found him very self-serving and at times arrogant. So needless to say I was a little nervous about reading an entire novel that was focused on him. In the beginning, Avery was still the same shell of a person he appeared to be in previous books, but throughout the book he started to develop more as a character. While I liked him with Stephanie I’m not sure he fully redeemed himself.  Stephanie is what made this story for me. She is a flawed and complex character and there was some real substance to her back story. I wish Denault had revealed a little more detail about Stephanie’s past.

Denault always seems to put secondary characters in that I just can’t seem to get enough of! In On The Line that secondary character was Alex Lanee! I’m really hoping we get to see more of him soon, perhaps in his own book!! I enjoyed that we got to see Jordan and Jessie but my absolute favourites of the series are Luc and Rosie so it was a little disappointing when they didn’t make an appearance!

Rating: 3/5

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