The Boy I Grew Up With by TIJAN

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Title: The Boy I Grew Up With
Author: Tijan
Genre: Romance
Release Date: October 29, 2018




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I have loved Channing Monroe all my life.

In first grade, he asked for my Trapper Keeper.
I hit him in the head with it.
Third grade, we were best friends. We kissed in seventh grade.
Eighth grade, he turned into a bad boy and the rest was a tumultuous storm.

Growing up, the problem was never love for us.
Bad times. Good times. There were times when I felt our love in every inch of my body, vibrating, making me feel like it could bring me back to life.

The problem was us.

The problem is that we’re living in two different worlds now.
Fallen Crest and its millionaires for me. Roussou and their criminals for him. I was thriving in mine and he was running his.


But there were nights I felt we couldn’t be further apart than we were, and there were nights I felt we shared the same heartbeat.

When was it time?
When was it time to either sacrifice, make a change, or walk away from the boy I grew up with?

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I was so happy when I found out that The Boy I Grew Up With was Heather and Channing’s story. I have been a fan of Heather since I read the Fallen Crest Series. Heather is such a strong, bad-ass women and I couldn’t wait to read more about her character. The Boy I Grew Up With is told from the perspective of both Heather and Channing. We also get to see the development of their relationship in flashbacks throughout the story. Now while this book is tied to both the Fallen Crest Series and the Crew series you can read this book as a standalone. I would recommend reading Crew first as it does explain a little about Channing’s lifestyle, as well as, the relationship he has with his sister Bren.

If you read my review for Crew then you know I had some issues with it. Some of those issues remain after reading The Boy I Grew Up With. The whole “Crew” system honestly confuses me. Throughout the book Tijan refers to “crew business” a few times and after reading both Crew and The Boy I Grew Up With, I still have no idea what that truly is or how the Crew system really works other than the fact that they stem from strong friendships that come before all else. While reading The Boy I Grew Up With, I decided to put my issues with the Crew system aside and in doing so I could really appreciate the love story that drives this novel.

My favourite part of this story was the flashbacks. I loved seeing the beginning of Heather and Channing and how connected they have been throughout there lives. The flashbacks deepened their relationships and made the reader understand the actions and reservations they both had about moving forward in the present. I also really enjoyed the secondary characters that were brought into the story, and I’m really hoping we get to see more of them in future books.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. I enjoyed the banter between our main characters and seeing how their love story unfolded. If you are a fan of the Fallen Crest Series or Crew, I definitely recommend diving into The Boy I Grew Up With

p.s. Did anyone else have to google what a trapper keeper was? Let me know in the comments!

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